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  • 09:50
    Londyn Stansted
    FR 2462
    1. expected 09:48
  • 14:00
    1. expected 13:54
  • 10:15
    Londyn Stansted
    FR 2463
  • 14:50
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  • Important message for RYANAIR passengers 06.11.2018

    Update of the carrier's reservation system on 7-8 November.
    Online check-in - not available from 18.00 on Wednesday, 7 November 2018 to 06:00 on Thursday, 8 November 2018.
  • A record schedule including a new route from Bydgoszcz Airport 07.09.2018

    A record Ryanair flight schedule from Poland to summer 2019, including a new route from Bydgoszcz Airport.
  • More convenient at the Bydgoszcz airport 18.07.2018

    A new passenger path at the airport has been opened. Travelers can leave their car in an extended parking, quickly check in their luggage and pass security checks on the first floor of the terminal. Thanks to the changes, they have more space available in the public part of the terminal and access to the enlarged Baltona shopping area. These are further investments raising the standard of service and safety of check-in at the airport.
  • More convenient parking at Bydgoszcz Airport 09.07.2018

    More convenient parking at Bydgoszcz Airport
    In response to the increase in passenger numbers, additional parking spaces have been created at the Bydgoszcz Airport. In connection with the modernization, the car park has been divided into Zones, and the payment system has been adapted to the expectations of travelers.
    The changes introduced to the parking have allowed to additional places for passengers who want to accompany their relatives or leave their cars during the journey. The car park has been divided into two comfortable zones: P1 and P2, which allows you to choose the optimal price option: Zone P1 - is located in the immediate vicinity of the Terminal and is dedicated to short-term parking, among others people taking their relatives. Parking for up to 10 minutes is free. Zone P2 - is located 300 meters from the Terminal and offers more attractive fees. It is dedicated to passengers leaving cars at the airport parking for a long time. New parking spaces and division into zones is the first stage of changes. Currently, at the airport, further modernization works are underway for passengers and preparation of proceedings for the installation of a modern parking system, which will guarantee many new functionalities, eg flexibility of parking zones, or the possibility of booking places using a mobile application. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed information and parking pricelists on the website https://plb.pl/en/parking/143

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