The Safety Management System (SMS) is already an indispensable component of the management system of the entire aviation organization. It is no different in the case of Bydgoszcz Airport, which also has its SMS. Its operation is directed at the conscious limiting of the likelihood of an accident by identifying threats and the associated risk of risk. The risk is assessed in such a way as to define and then apply appropriate measures limiting them to such a low level as it is only possible.

Security policy
Managing Authority of Bydgoszcz Airport declares, that safety receives the highest rank of importance, and the goal of achieving an acceptable level of security is implemented at all levels of management and in every aspect of business.

In addition, it is noted that care for safety and responsibility for complying with the regulations is an individual obligation of each port employee and entities conducting any activity at the airport. The fundamental element that can lead to the achievement of the intended objectives related to security is the Safety Management System,  for which the functioning of the Bydgoszcz Airport Managing Authorities pay special attention.

Reporting perceived threats

It does not matter who you are – an employee of the Airport, a passenger, an escort, or a resident of the airport area. If you have noticed an event, phenomenon or problem that you think may pose a threat to air safety and cause an accident, do not hesitate and report it as soon as possible. In this way, you can help prevent danger and protect someone’s health or life.

As part of the Safety Management System (SMS) introduced at the airport, each application will be examined with confidentiality of information sources. As part of the explanatory actions undertaken at the level of Bydgoszcz Airport you also have full anonymity guaranteed.

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