Information for people with disabilities

Accessibility Information

The Bydgoszcz Airport does their best to make the travel of all the passengers smooth and comfortable, providing special care to the disabled. The information and forms provided here are to facilitate your travel preparations.

Accessibility Information

    • Help Point system located in the car park (next to the disabled spaces), in the departures and arrivals halls from which help or assistance an be called for,
    • The lift to facilitate a smooth access to the first floor,
    • Disabled toilets, allowing an easy wheelchair access,
    • Pack all the medications needed for the entire travel (consider any potential delays),
    • Consult your physician about the travel, whether or not it is necessary to take any medical equipment with you,
    • Make a list of the medications you take (ask your physician whether in the country of your destination the medications are available under he same names) to provide accurate information to the physician, if need be,
    • Contact the airport staff using the form provided on the website ,
    • Should you have any other questions, please call the airport helpline, or inform your travel agent about your disability,
    • Ask what facilities are offered to you by your travel agent
    • Come to the airport much earlier (in general, the airlines finish passenger checking-in 40 min before the departure); it is an absolute minimum,
    • eserve more time to complete all the procedure requirements smoothly,
    • Should you need any assistance, please contact the information desk personally or using the Help Point system located in the car park,
    • Each airline has recorded some baggage losses. To minimize the risk of your wheelchair loss, please attach the baggage tag to the wheelchair, including the owner’s surname, address and telephone number and the contact details of the place the wheelchair owner will stay when he reaches the final destination. If the wheelchair assembly is complicated and requires special tools, please provide the wheelchair with assembly instructions and inform the airline on the tools required earlier.
    • if you are a citizen of the European Union traveling within it, you are entitled to free basic medical help if you have an E-111 form with you,
    • get acquainted with the offers of several insurance companies,
    • specify your needs, remember that if you have expensive specialist equipment such as a wheelchair you can insure it against theft or destruction,
    • read carefully what is guaranteed by the purchased policy, often the cheapest policies do not cover the costs of treatment of a previously diagnosed condition.

Application form

If you plan to use our airport and need help, please fill out the form below – it will help us to prepare all possible amenities for you.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can call our position of information:+48 51 365 46 700

If you want to use the facilities on board an airplane (eg. special diet, medical care), please contact the airline or travel agency.

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