Passenger guide

  • 1. Car park

    The airport in Bydgoszcz offers a car park for the passengers available for 258 cars.
    While approaching the airport, please turn right, then left and stop before the gate. Using the parking machine, please press the button and wait for the ticket to be printed. Note: The entry ticket must be used to pay for the parking space; please keep it - just take it with you when you leave your car. Note: The entry ticket must be used to pay for the parking space; please keep it - just take it with you when you leave your car.

  • 2. Entering the terminal building

    The terminal building can be accessed using two entrances. Once you have entered, we suggest checking-in using the check-in desk located just opposite the entrance. If you have any doubts, please contact the airport information desk just at the bottom of the stairs. On the ground floor you will also find a currency exchange desk, cash machine, and the passport check desk, and on the first floor – the restaurant, Polish postal service desk, car rental and the ticket office.

  • 3. Check-in

    Before your travel, please pack your luggage in a way to avoid any security check problems. The baggage allowance for each airline is different; travelling with Ryanair, your baggage can be up to 15 or 20 kg. (depending on the option you have selected while buying the ticket). Onboard you can take only one piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg. Before leaving home, please make sure you have taken with you all the documents needed to travel: a valid ID or passport, boarding-pass print-out (check-in online for the RYANAIR airline is required).

  • 4. Crossing the security gate

    During the security check please place all the metal items; keys, watches, belts with big buckles, mobile phones, portable music devices, coins, etc., on the special trays and place them on the X-ray screening device conveyor belt together with the entire hand luggage. The bigger trays are used for your overcoat; coats, men’s jackets, women’s jackets, which will make the security check easier and faster. Click ‘more’ to see the forbidden items.

  • 5. Departures hall

    The departures hall is a place where the passengers wait for their flight once they have crossed the passport check. The departures hall offers the restaurant, shop, toilets and the mother-and-child facilities. As soon as the aircraft lands, you will hear the boarding call to pass from the departures hall to the aircraft. Please prepare your boarding passes and open your identity documents on the photo page for your personal details to be verified by the Ground Service. Once you leave the Departures Hall, you are asked to go to get on the bus to be taken to the aircraft.

  • 6. Gate

    Leaving and boarding the aircraft.The passenger must appear before the right gate, in the departures hall, at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. The passengers are allowed onboard until 20 minutes before the departure. The passengers who arrive at the gate too late will not be allowed onboard. To take a later flight, the passenger must purchase a new ticket.

  • 7. Boarding the aircraft

    The passengers with the priority pass board the aircraft first. Having boarded the aircraft, the flight attendant will ask for your boarding pass. Note: The boarding pass must be kept until you leave the airport of your final destination.The boarding pass is required if you wish to file any potential claim or to notify on the luggage loss.

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