General Aviation

Bydgoszcz Airport offers a special range of services aimed at representatives of General Aviation, who are able to provide comprehensive services at the highest level.

Why is it worth choosing Bydgoszcz Airport?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our proposal for general aviation.

Advantages of the Bydgoszcz Airport

    • parking of planes
    • storage
    • the infrastructure of Bydgoszcz Airport allows the reception and parking of any type of aircraft
    • The Airport Security Service provides professional security 24 hours a day
    • average annual weather indicator: approximately 7 days a year with visibility below 500 m
    • weather reports
    • availability of accommodation and a conference room at the airport
    • incl. car driveway to the plane, customs and passport clearance
    • resting place for the crew
    • VIP lounge See
    • organization of catering
    • reservation of accommodation in a selected hotel
    • transport outside the airport

Parking spaces at Bydgoszcz Airport (BZG / EPBY)

- modernized aprons
- long runway (length - 2500 m, width 60 m)
- attractive parking fee
- individual approach to client

- PPS1 - 3 in C code or alternatively 1 in D code
- PPS2 - 3 in code C or alternatively 1 in code D or E
- PPS3 - 2 in code C or alternatively 1 in code D or E
- PPS4 - 4 code C

- 5 positions in A code
- 22 positions in code B

Rental of a bunker

- hangar, repair of aircraft, vehicles, storage areas, others to be agreed

- access to hangars through the airport's central gate after passing security control

- width: 13 m
- length: 24 m (type S) / 30 m (type SE)
- height: max. 6.7 m

GA Premium service

At Bydgoszcz Airport S.A. we understand how unique your every journey is, so we make every effort to ensure that it goes smoothly and the impressions are remembered for a long time.

GA Premium service is a package of carefully selected amenities that you can provide for yourself, your employees or clients. Access to premium services takes place within dedicated separate zones, thanks to which passengers, assisted by airport employees, smoothly go through the check-in process, without the need to check the safety of people and luggage, and are transported directly to the apron.


The range of services included in the GA Premium package

- passenger service by the coordinator in the public area of ​​the port and assistance in the restricted area
- fast passenger service for arrival and departure, including aircraft handling
- exemption from regular security checks of passengers and their luggage thanks to the use of alternative control measures
- separate communication route to and from the plane
- the ability to enter the airport area to and from the aircraft with your own vehicle
- assistance from the Airport Security Service
- organization of border control (passport and customs) for people traveling outside the EU or the Schengen area
- assistance in obtaining air, bus and rail information

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