Higher Management

Operations Director: responsible for maintaining the airport in an efficient operational readiness, aircraft ground handling, cooperation with the Civil Aviation Office and the Military Airport User; the supervision over the maintenance and rational use of the Company’s technical infrastructure and ensuring the continuous supply of all utilities, as well as monitoring the adequate quantitative material consumption and keeping the Airport structures and the surrounding area in the technical and operational condition to ensure the performance of its statutory responsibilities and the security of people and property.

Piotr Rotmański
e-mail: p.rotmanski@bzg.aero

Security Director: Airport security and safety system organization supervision; the supervision of the Airport security and safety rules and procedures to secure it from any unauthorized intervention as well as the supervision over the operation of the Airport Security, Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting Services, Security Management Committee and the Airport Safety Team, as well as a close cooperation with the Police, State Fire Service, Border Guard and the Customs Service.

Monika Mejsner- Hermelin
e-mail: m.mejsner@bzg.aero

Financial Director: responsible for the Company’s financial policy by managing its finances; financial risk evaluation, Company’s liquidity monitoring and control, financial data collection and flow system supervision, contacts with external financial institutions, deposits and credits terms and conditions negotiations.

Anna Kilczewska-Tysków
e-mail: a.kilczewska@bzg.aero

Commercial Director: responsible for the Company’s commercial policy; business partner relations and cooperation terms and conditions management, contract processes supervision, commercial negotiations and consulting tour operators, acquiring new carriers and airlines, as well as promotion, marketing and sales.

Magdalena Krusa
e-mail: m.krusa@bzg.aero

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