Travelling with animals

Prior to the departure, please get familiar with the animal transport regulations applicable in the country of your destination as well as in the countries you will have your stopovers in.

You can find all the applicable information on regulations to cover the accompanying animals transport to the EU countries and to third countries by visiting the website of the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate.

Before you decide to travel with your pet, please also contact your air carrier to check whether transporting animals onboard of the aircraft of the airlines you wish to fly with is allowed. The Ryanair airline does not allow for animal transport. However for some flights transporting guide/assistance dogs is possible.

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If the airline allows for transporting animals onboard of the fleet, please inform your carrier that you wish to transport the animal already at the time of booking, however, not later than 48 hours before your departure time.

Most often you must make an additional payment to the carrier for transporting animals. You should acquire the information on the fees at the time of booking and using the ‘Table of charges’ or ‘Additional charges’ given on the carrier’s website.

The animals onboard must be transported in adequate cages, except for guide dogs, however, as for some airlines, the guide dog must remain in harness and with a muzzle. Please make sure you are familiar with the carrier’s requirements before you start your travel.

The cage the animal is to be transported in must be big enough to allow for the animal to stand, turn and to lie down freely.

The animal transport conditions must be specified in the air carriers’ regulations. Frequently the carrier’s regulations are referred to as ‘Travel conditions’, ‘Transport conditions’ or ‘General transport conditions’ and they should be asked for from your air carrier or searched for by yourself on the website of the carrier.

Guide dogs

The transport of certified guide dogs (the owner should carry the document confirming that the dog enjoys the guide dog status) is allowed in the aircraft cabin without additional charges. Importantly, the usual restrictions implemented by the carriers on the animal transport form (transport in cages) do not apply to the guide dogs. The guide dogs bigger in size may be transported seated on the floor, while the smaller ones may be seated on their owner’s lap.

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