Bydgoszcz (BZG)


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Londyn Luton (Wizz) (LTN)


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Date Airline Start Landing Flight number Status
27.01.2023 Londyn Luton (Wizz)
16:45 (LTN)
18:55 (BZG)
27.01.2023 Bydgoszcz
21:00 (BZG)
Londyn Luton (Wizz)
22:10 (LTN)
31.01.2023 Londyn Luton (Wizz)
17:20 (LTN)
19:30 (BZG)
31.01.2023 Bydgoszcz
20:55 (BZG)
Londyn Luton (Wizz)
22:05 (LTN)

Welcome to London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport is located about 50 km from London Central Station, in the small town of Luton. The airport is 2 miles from 10a junction of the M1 motorway.

On the ground floor of the Airport there are check-in desks, numerous dining options, shops, toilets (adapted to the needs of the disabled), internet access points, exchange office, telephones, car rental and a chapel.

On the upper level there are shops (including duty-free), a food court with restaurants and cafes, a post office, toilets (also adapted to the needs of the disabled) and an exchange office.

There is no smoking room inside the terminal. Smoking inside the building is prohibited. It is only possible near the front entrance to the terminal.

Frequently asked questions:

    • London Luton Airport is close to the M1 and M25 motorways. Traveling from central London is via the M25 motorway, then the M1 motorway, which should be left before the airport at junction 10 - the further road is clearly marked.
    • Rail connections are also available to passengers. From St. Pancras International in central London run First Capital Connect trains, which cover the route in about 25 minutes. It is also possible to use East Midlands Trains or Virgin Rail Link. All arrive at Luton Airport Parkway Station, where direct buses to the airport depart in 10 minutes.
    • There are also buses from the capital of England. The GreenLine carrier offers a ride on line no. 757, and National Express - on lines no. 707, 737, 767, 777, 787. EasyBus buses connect the center of London with Luton Airport 24 hours a day.
    • There are three types of car parks available to drivers. Short-term is marked in yellow - a stop up to 30 minutes costs £4, 1 hour - £8, and a day - £36. The medium-term one is marked in green and is intended for a stay of up to 5 days. The first night costs £20, each subsequent night £19. Long-stay parking is marked in pink and costs £15 per day. Car parks are not located in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. However, there are frequent buses on this route. The journey takes from a few to 10 minutes.

About London

The capital of England and Great Britain, the largest city of the United Kingdom, located in its south-eastern part on the Thames. It is the third largest city in Europe, after Moscow and Istanbul, and one of the largest cities in the world, both in terms of the city itself and the entire agglomeration. The city attracts around 30 million tourists annually.

London is one of the world’s largest centers of art circulation and remains one of the largest museum centers in Europe. More than 60 museums and permanent galleries attract visitors from all over the world.

About Wizz Air

The Hungarian carrier Wizz Air has become one of the leading European airlines in less than two decades of existence. Currently, Wizz Air flies on over 600 routes and has 25 operating bases.

A few years ago, along with the rebranding, Wizz Air introduced a number of amenities for passengers, such as priority boarding and seat allocation.

The carrier also takes actions for sustainable development and optimization of carbon dioxide emissions in air transport.

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