Stage 2

Construction of fencing, purchase of low-floor buses and specialised equipment

The Subproject assumes:

1) construction of airport fencing on the basis of the recommendations of the Public Utilities Certificate No. PL – 002 / EPBY / 2008 including surveying (execution of the geodesic delimitation of the fence and inventory of the as-built fence).

2) Purchase of two low-floor buses as a result of the necessity to implement the Schengen agreement

3) Equipment of the Airport Fire Brigade with special firefighting equipment required by the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 September 2005 on the preparation of airports for emergency situations and airport rescue and fire-fighting services.

The main objective of the Project is to increase the safety of aviation operations by preventing potential acts of unlawful interference into the airport area of ​​both persons and animals. Adaptation of PLB to the applicable safety requirements, purchase of buses and necessary equipment for LSRG, which will enable implementation of the conditions of the Schengen Treaty on the subject of movement of transit passengers.

Value of co-financing: 2,748 220.00 PLN (in words: two million seven hundred and forty eight thousand two hundred and twenty 00/100 PLN)

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