Health Tourism Cluster

Several parties from the province Kuyavian-Pomeranian established the Tourism Cluster Care. This is the first project that will allow the joint offer, comprehensive services sanatorium and health of our region, and their active promotion also addressed to tourists from Western Europe and the Gulf countries. Among the planned activities will be launching a new air link with one of the Scandinavian ports. The leader of the initiative is the Bydgoszcz Airport. As a part of the cluster there are other parties that cooperate together including: Ciechocinek Spa, Spa Solanki and clinics Gizińscy and Citomed. 

Cooperation within the cluster was created between 8 entities. It is one of the largest initiatives in the field of health tourism in Poland, which involves local actors Commercial and operating in the sanatorium, medical services and rehabilitation, transport, hotel and recreation center. Spa offer and healing of the region combined with the potential and the ability to enjoy a fast and comfortable air travel will open up the region for health tourism from abroad. The aim is to increase the number of visitors from Western Europe, including Scandinavia. Also it counts on tourists from the Gulf region who have visited spas and clinics in the region.

– This is the first such broad and coherent cooperation initiative between parties from different sectors for the development of health tourism in our region. Potential and experience of stakeholders allows you to create complex products which do not offer other regions in Poland and actually increase the number of tourists visiting from abroad. Medical tourism is also additional opportunities for the development of the Airport, which already preparing for this form include special “fast track” dedicated to patients – said Tomasz Moraczewski, CEO of Bydgoszcz Airport and one of the initiators of the cluster.

Health Tourism Cluster formed Enterprise Spa Ciechocinek, clinics Citomed Medical Center Gizińscy, Thorn, Foundation for the Development of Renewable Energy and Health, School of English in Torun and “Solanki” Spa Inowrocław. The initiative has already received funding from the EU, among others, to create a strategy for the development and promotion of the health services offered by operators in the region. Another application was filed covering a range of activities to support the promotion and sale of health services by affiliated entities.

Among the planned activities of the Cluster is to run a permanent air link to one of the ports in Scandinavia. The analyzes carried out showed that the destination has great potential and can significantly affect the success of sales and promotional activities of the Cluster. In fact provide quick and convenient access to sought-after in the Nordic countries high quality and attractively priced medical services. In the range under consideration airports live even a few million people. There are also large imigration of Poles, including the inhabitants of the region, for which a direct flight from Bydgoszcz will be a great convenience.

As part of the cluster will be created, among others, Modern electronic platform (web portal), which will support the promotion and sales, but also the management of relationships and support of Polish tourists and abroad. It will allow a quick and convenient booking of the selected tender Cluster members and communicating with dedicated consultants who will be able to make a prequalification optimal services for patients. Are scheduled study visits in countries which, according to the analysis will be the target gro.up of the activities of the Cluster. Foreign language promotional materials will be prepared as well as the planned promotional campaign utilizing airlines and participation in international tourism fairs. 

– Ability to convenient air connection is a big asset to our region for tourists from Western Europe, but also the ability to be open to customers from other areas such as Scandinavia and further distances. We hope that it will be a promising direction. In order to create offers tailored to the requirements of these customers will be within the Cluster collaborate with experts and organizations that specialize in handling this type of customer. This applies to training for the staff or the creation of tenders taking into account cultural differences – said Tadeusz Chęsy, CEO of Spa Solanki.

– Cluster initiatives allow the full potential of the region in the field of health tourism. They affect not only the development of enterprises in the medical Sanitation in the province, but by raising the quality of services and the introduction of the new offer, build a brand region in Poland and in the world as a health tourism destination – said Edward Hartwich, Vice Kuyavian-Pomeranian

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