Stage 6

Purchase of equipment and systems to ensure safety and fire protection.

The subject of the project is the purchase of equipment and devices to ensure the safety and fire protection of the airport.

The identified problem was the need to equip the airport with devices that effectively ensure the safety of service, passengers and aircraft. The planned purchases will have a direct impact on the safety of flight operations.

Main goal of the project is to improve the airport infrastructure and the quality of air services.

Detailed objective of the project is to purchase airport equipment for airport equipment with missing equipment and devices.

The material scope of the project includes:

  • Purchase and assembly of a hydrophore
  • Purchase of a neutral smoke generator for LSRG together with smoke producing liquid
  • Purchase of a tank for fire-fighting purposes
  • Purchase of training dummies for LSRG – 2 items
  • Purchase of a car for testing adhesiveness
  • Electronic card verification system with automatic gates (4 items)
  • Purchase of equipment for detecting explosives
  • Purchase of emergency staff equipment.

Value of co-financing: 1 139 912.07 PLN (in words: one million one hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred and twelve 07/100 PLN).

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