Stage 5

Purchase of equipment and devices for servicing the airport.

The subject of the project is the purchase of transport means necessary for airport service, the purchase of equipment to perform operations and maintenance of the airport, and the implementation of a diagnostic channel.

The identified problem was the need to minimize the time of servicing passengers and aircraft.

Planned purchases will have a direct impact on the optimization of activities at the airport.

Main goal of the project is to improve the airport infrastructure and the quality of air services.

Detailed objective of the project is to provide the airport with missing equipment and devices. Purchases provided for the project are aimed at increasing the safety and efficiency of airport service operations.

As a result of the project, the quality of airport service will increase. The project will contribute to the competitiveness increase of the voivodship in terms of tourism and attracting external capital.

The material scope of the project includes:

  • Luggage carts – 10 items
  • Mechanical scythe – 1 item
  • Car for technical workers – 1 item
  • Bus for carriage cabin crew – 1 item
  • Execution of inspection and diagnostic channel
  • Operating and patrol car – 1 item
  • Push-back pins with flags – 16 items
  • Trolleys and tables for loading platform – 12 items
  • Tractor with mower – 1 item
  • Mobile tank for 200L petrol – 1 item
  • Roof anti-slip stops – 1 set.
  • Printers for boarding passes and tags – 7 sets (one set consists of one printer for boarding passes and one printer for tags).

Value of co-financing: 1 218 004,43 PLN (in words: one million two hundred and eighteen thousand four 43/100 PLN).

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