Stage 3

Renovation of the runway drainage system and taxiways of the Bydgoszcz Airport.

The subject of this stage of the project is the repair of drainage of the linear DS runway and taxi roads DK A, DK B, DK C and DK E1, DK E2 and DK E3 located on the southern side along the runway. In addition, the scope includes renovation and treatment of rainwater.

The problem identified was a faulty drainage system.

The planned renovation will have a direct impact on the safety of aircraft movements.

The main objective of the project is to improve the airport infrastructure and the safety of air services.

The detailed objective of the project is the refurbishment of the reverse runway and taxiways. The activities envisaged in the project are aimed at preventing dangerous situations of operating aircraft.

Value of co-financing: 9 475 455.14 PLN (in words: nine million four hundred seventy five thousand four hundred fifty five 14/100 PLN).

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