Stage 2

Purchase of equipment and systems to maintain security at the Bydgoszcz Airport.

The subject of the project described below is the purchase of equipment and systems for maintaining security at the airport. The main objective of the project is to improve the safety and standard of airport services provided, implementing domestic and international connections.

The scope of the project will guarantee reliable operation of devices having a direct impact on the safety of passengers, airport and aircraft, as well as a high level of substantive preparation of the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service.

The material scope includes the purchase of the following devices having a direct impact on the safety of passengers, aircraft and airport:

  • Combat vehicle with a rescue set, hydraulic for the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service, 1 item
  • Bird repulsion system: A specialized vehicle equipped with biosonic equipment to disturb birds, 1 item
  • sticks for coordinators, 3 items
  • Fire pump, 1 item
  • Gun safe, 1 item
  • Ambulift – A vehicle used to operate disabled persons on the airport’s operational boards, 1 item
  • Phantoms, medical equipment, transport respirators, 1 item (1 set).

Value of co-financing: 3 503 866.03 PLN (in words: three million five hundred and three thousand eight hundred seventy six 03/100 PLN).

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