Stage 1

Check-in system

The subject of the sub-project is the reconstruction of the baggage control and transport system, which aims to increase the level of security and increase the baggage system’s throughput to 600 baggage / hour at arrival and 350 baggage / hour at departure.

Departures: Modernization of the system includes the development of the design, execution and full collision-free integration of two parallel luggage transport and inspection strings with the use of 1st and 2nd degree scanning devices. The above changes will force the execution of new luggage transporters and additional 4 check-in stations along with their integration with existing positions. New check-in positions in the main hall should be equipped, among others, with a weighing conveyor (scale + two LCD screens informing about luggage weight, “display” system, control panel) and a labeling conveyor. The resulting transport and control system will enable tracking of luggage along its entire length and full identification from the 1st level scanner through 2nd level control, up to the moment of loading on the luggage cart. The subject of the project is the reconstruction of the existing luggage system including the disassembly of unnecessary equipment, delivery, assembly and commissioning of a new one.

Arrivals: Improving the level of safety and increasing the efficiency of the baggage system requires the design and installation of a new luggage transport system, along the route, baggage-arrivals room, including transporters and enlargement of the existing luggage carousel by 100%.

Arrival hall at the Bydgoszcz Airport
Baggage transport system at Bydgoszcz Airport

The main objective of this subproject is to increase the safety of air operations by adjusting the baggage check system to the applicable safety requirements. This system will also enable increasing the capacity of Bydgoszcz Airport.

Value of co-financing: 981 244.29 PLN (in words: nine hundred and eighty-one thousand two hundred and forty-four 29/100 PLN)

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