Crossing the security gate A A A

During the security check please place all the metal items; keys, watches, belts with big buckles, mobile phones, portable music devices, coins, etc., on the special trays and place them on the X-ray device belt together with the entire hand luggage. The bigger trays are used for your overcoat; coats, men’s jackets, women’s jackets, which will make the security check easier and faster.

 All the passengers and their luggage, including the mobility aids, must undergo the security check. The security check is made considering the degree and the type of disability. If you are not able to pass through the magnetic gate unassisted, you will go through the manual check, potentially facilitated by the manual metal detector. If the security check operator is not able to perform the check adequately, you will be asked to come to a private room for personal security check to be performed by a person of the same sex complying with the privacy and dignity principles. The mobility aids will be, as provided in the adequate regulations, exposed to manual check or, depending on the check needs, using the x-ray equipment.      

The security check personnel have received the adequate disabled and mobility-impaired persons security check performance training and so the check must be made considering your disability and it cannot cause any additional inconvenience.

Please offer us all your support by cooperating with the security services and informing of your disability to avoid misunderstanding and to make the check more efficient.