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Travelling with children 


If you plan a flight with a child, we suggest that you should apply for your child’s ID appropriately in advance.


Baby food

Baby food is exempt from any liquid restrictions. During your flight with an infant you may bring the baby food in the container bigger than 100 ml and at a greater amount than the equivalent of one-litre bag into the restricted airport zone and take it onboard. 


Travelling with a baby carrier

A travel with a baby carrier is allowed and it is a common practice. However, due to its size, in general, baby carriers may not be transported in the aircraft cabin, but in the aircraft hold. The baby carrier check-in is usually similar to the registered baggage check-in. At the check-in desk it is provided with the baggage tag and it is located in the aircraft hold only before the passenger’s boarding (to be reclaimed right after landing).


Obviously the baby carrier may be checked-in as typical registered baggage; in such case, please secure it properly.


Mother-and-child facilities  

The Bydgoszcz Airport provides the passengers travelling with babies with diaper changing and nursing facilities, both in the main terminal hall and in the departures hall.

You can find the information on the location of those facilities by looking at the layout below and at the Information desk.



So that you are ideally prepared for your children’s special requirements on the journey, we have put together some useful information, tips and services on the following pages. The practical checklist will be especially useful in preparing for your trip.

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