WARNING! Statement


In order to prevent, counteract and combat COVID-19, from 13.03.2020 Bydgoszcz Airport is introducing extraordinary precautions

➡️ measuring the temperature of all people entering the airport

➡️ measuring the temperature of all arriving Passengers, in accordance with Decision No. 1/2020 / COR of the Provincial Sanitary Inspector

➡️ persons with elevated temperature or symptoms of illness will be referred for additional control in accordance with the decisions of the Sanitary Inspector

➡️ In the absence of a clear need, we recommend limiting the presence of bystanders in the terminal.
Due to the possible extension of procedures, we recommend that passengers arrive early at the airport.

Possible further changes to ensure the safety of travelers.

If you have questions, please contact us in private messages or via the airport hotline 52 365 47 00

We count on your understanding and compliance with the regulations.

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