The investment awaited by Passengers begins

A thorough modernization of the car park begins on Monday. After finishing it will be more comfortable and modern. During the reconstruction, changes were made to the organization of traffic.

The construction works on the car park will start on September 30. The investment includes the reconstruction of parking spaces together with greenery, lighting of the area, as well as the implementation of a new parking system, thus introducing a number of innovations for travelers. To increase passenger comfort, the parking system will be equipped with an LPR solution, i.e. automatic recognition of car license plates. The system will also enable booking for online parking, card payments, parking division into zones or dynamic management of parking spaces availability. The road system will be clearer also taking into account the special kiss & fly zone. Parking at the airport will be faster, easier and more convenient.

Due to ongoing construction works, the northern part of the P1 car park was temporarily out of service. Drivers arriving at the airport can park in the southern part of the P1 car park, or in the P2 long-term car park. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused by construction works.

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