Terminal Development

Development of the Airport in Bydgoszcz  terminal, will enlarge the departures area of almost 1,000 square meters. The new space will be used by the duty-free shops, restaurant, and a playground for children. All these changes will provide greater comfort for passengers awaiting for departure. The contract for the implementation of the investment was signed with the Bydgoszcz company PW Lech Sp. zoo.

In total, there passengers will be delivered almost 1,000 square meters of new space. The task is divided into several stages. Completion of the reconstruction is scheduled prior to start of the summer season from BZG.

The first stage envisages the expansion of the departures area of the terminal towards the apron. Area available for passengers awaiting departure will be increased by an additional 250 square meters. Modernization will include air conditioning, lighting and localized extra toilets and a room for mothers with children.

As a result of the second stage of investment, an additional area of 720 square meters will be added to departure area. Departing passengers will have access to newspapers kiosk, gastronomy, shops duty-free area, tourists will be able to buy local souvenirs. On the first floor there will also be a comfortable restaurant with a panoramic view of the airfield, and specially designed “air playground” for children waiting with their parents for the trip. Passengers choosing business class travel, including Lufthansa will be able to use modern VIP lounge.

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