Promotional campaign

Promotional campaign at Bydgoszcz Airport – “Light legs in journey”


We have just started new promotional campaign “Light legs in journey”, which is organized by Eskulap Hospital and Bydgoszcz Airport. Take care of your legs during the trip, learn how to prevent venous thrombosis and protect your legs from swelling.


Take part in the fun!

If you are flying out of Bydgoszcz Airport in the near future, you will need to find 4 floor stickers containing information about promotional campaign with a QR code. You will find them just after passing through security control. There will be plenty of fun, a lot of tips for healthy legs in journey and valuable prizes.


Remember – to have beautiful and healthy legs follow these 5 recommendations:

• Moving is healthy, avoid sitting and standing

• Wear compression socks

• In journey do simple exercises

• Avoid dehydration, drink water, avoid alcohol

• After journey go for a walk


More information about thrombosis and prevention you will find at:


Take part in the contest and win valuable prizes!

On FB profile of Eskulap Hospital publish a photo of your legs and describe your trick to keep light legs in journey. Best photo, best trick for light legs and most liked photo will be awarded 250 PLN vouchers.

Details of the competition and regulation.





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