New Aprons and planes already in use.

Repair aprons and taxiways at Bydgoszcz Airport has been completed. In new planes it is possible to set 12 aircrafts in the C source code, and all of its work has contributed to significant improvements in the taxiway pavement.

Surfaces subject to refurbishment parking planes PPS-2 and PPS-4, as well as taxiways, including taxiway Echo with parking spaces for aircrafts. Repair Surface area of more than 2 hectares began in late 2013, and the work lasted nearly 10 months and has been finished on time. As part of the contractor – Skanska, also renovated the 29 parking spaces along the taxiway Echo. The works were carried out on an active airport, which determined the work carried out at night, especially in the area of the runway and in a zone of 150 meters from her taxiways. The investments involved approx. 100 people.

The works were supervised and reviewed by an independent test facility, ie. The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), which required the Contractor to maintain a particularly high technological regime. The value of investments involving the renovation of aprons (PPS2 and PPS4) and taxiways amounted to PLN 23 million net, while the value of the grant of 17 million PLN.

All investments directly translate into the potential of the airport and the quality of passenger service. Repair apron is one of the most important investments made by The Bydgoszcz Airport. It allowes to obtain a fully functional 12 parking spaces for aircraft in the most popular code C (B-737, A-320), including 6 in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. This allows simultaneous support of multiple aircrafts, but also provides passengers with shorter way to the terminal– says Tomasz Moraczewski, CEO of PLB – It is worth to mention that according to the analysis contained in the General Plan to 2024 the number of passengers at the airport will double. Ensuring the capacity of the different elements of the Airport for such a movement requires further investments – said Tomasz Moraczewski – This is why it is important to provide our passengers with comfortable conditions and high standards of service, making traveling from Bydgoszcz fast and enjoyable.


The investment in the ROP

Investments carried out so far have significantly influenced the level of the airports infrastructure, security systems and passenger service. The adopted investment strategy is consistent with the assumptions developed for the Airport Master Plan for the period 2014-2034 and provides the possibility of further development of the airport in terms of increasing the number of passengers and aircraft operations.

The project competition ROP unit will be purchased to improve the quality of passenger service. Soon the airport will include such facilities as Ambulift – a device used to transport people with disabilities from the airport to board the aircraft and the deck on the disc. Furthermore, the draft competition is the purchase of equipment and systems to maintain airport infrastructure, equipment, GSE and noise monitoring system, repair of the drainage system to the airport, or repair of engineering. The funding, by which it seeks to PLB 10 million (close to 42 million PLN) and plan to use the entire amount.

Conducted investments are vital for airport security and the possibility of its further development in the coming years. It follows from the developed to the PLB Master Plan in 2034 the number of passengers will increase to 1.17 million, while the number of operations carried out aerial will increase to more than 15,000.


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