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LOT Polish Airlines has presented a summer route network from Bydgoszcz Airport. They will operate 6 weekly flights to Warsaw during Summer 22 season. The changes introduced in schedule for summer season include additional frequencies and new flight times, but above all, they are new opportunities for travelers. The timetable has been adjusted to enable a transfer to flights to major airports in Western Europe, United States and Canada.

The United States is a strategic economic partner for Poland and for entire European Union. Thanks to the air connection between Bydgoszcz and Warsaw, entrepreneurs from Kujawsko-Pomorskie region have greater opportunities to establish business contacts. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are just some of the destinations with a short transfer through Warsaw hub. The increased LOT capacity is another confirmation of the gradual return of passengers at our airport – said Tomasz Moraczewski, President of Bydgoszcz Airport.

The first flight with new schedule is set for March 27, 2022.

Warsaw-Bydgoszcz route schedule (from 27.03):

Arrival from WarsawDeparture to Warsaw

The schedule for selected transfer flights at Warsaw HUB:

  • New York

    Quick transfer at Warsaw Airport on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays:
    - Bydgoszcz - Warsaw 14:35-15:25
    - Warsaw - New York (JFK) 16:45-20:05

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  • Toronto

    Quick transfer at Warsaw Airport - every day (except Saturdays):
    - Bydgoszcz - Warsaw 14:35-15:25 or 15:05-15:55
    - Warsaw - Toronto (YYZ) 17:00-20:15

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  • Chicago

    Quick transfer at Warsaw Airport on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays:
    - Bydgoszcz - Warsaw 14:35-15:25
    - Warsaw - Chicago (ORD) 16:40-19:35

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  • Los Angeles

    Quick transfer at Warsaw Airport on Thursdays and Sundays:
    - Bydgoszcz - Warsaw14:35-15:25
    - Warsaw - Los Angeles (LAX) 16:45-20:00

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