Further improvements for passangers

Further investments at the airport will be dedicated directly to passengers of Bydgoszcz Airport and will be related to the expansion of the terminal, car parks and the construction of a hotel and an administrative building. This will increase travel comfort and provide the conditions for the safe handling of passengers.


Bydgoszcz Airport began project work related to the redevelopment of the terminal, car parks and the construction of a hotel and an administrative building. These are crucial investments for the passengers of Bydgoszcz airport to allow for comfortable use both the terminal room and hotel services and modern solutions to the parking lot. New administrative building of approx. 1600m² will allow dislocation of administrative workers and the services of currently occupied offices in the airport terminal, so passengers will gain more space.

Through the redevelopment of parking, passengers will be able to use 458 parking spaces. Planned use of modern toll systems will provide our customers with the reduction of the time planned prior to the departure. Reconstruction of the terminal and the parking lot will be financed from own resources Bydgoszcz Airport.


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