From the 1st of June passengers will be able to perform a COVID-19 test at the Bydgoszcz Airport. PCR and antygen tests will be performed in Vitalabo laboratory.

Vitalabo Medical Laboratories is well know network of 11 laboratory stations and over 100 phlebotomy points. Vitalabo Medical Laboratories provide laboratory services for individual patients as well as for healthcare institutions, hospitals, workplaces etc. and any companies which need any of their service.

They offer wide range of analysis, high level of service and competent staff. Highest level of equipment give them the opportunity to the best service and help to their patients.

Opening hours have been adapted to current flight schedules. Laboratory will be located on the first floor in the public area of the terminal.

In laboratory at the Bydgoszcz Airport swabs will be taken within two type tests for presence coronavirus:
• PCR test (results after approx 6 hours) – 360 PLN
• Fast antygen test (results after aprox 30 minutes) – 119 PLN

Tests results will be available in two languages – Polish and English, depending on the demand of patients.

How to prepare for the PCR test for coronavirus? *
• 3 hours before swabbing, do not eat, brush your teeth, use mouthwashes, throat lozenges and chewing gums.
• Before smearing, rinse your mouth with boiled water.
• Do not rinse or blow your nose before collecting the material as well do not use drops, ointments or nasal sprays.
• Removable dentures should be removed.

* Information provided by the Vitalabo laboratory.

We also remind about sanitary rules which are in force at Bydgoszcz Airport. Please remember to:
• Wear a mask
• Check your body temperature
• Disinfect your hands
• Keep a safe distance

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