Bydgoszcz Airport investing in RES

Bydgoszcz Airport has reserved part of the held land with the plans of building a photovoltaic farm. The planned capacity of the farm would be up to 25MW and the produced ‘green’ energy would satisfy the electricity needs for over 7000 households. This would be a first installation of this type within the Airports’ area.

Planned in the General Plan for the Bydgoszcz Airport 2014-2034 the installation would allow to use the undeveloped lands of the airfield area. This would be a first initiative this type in Poland to use an airports’ area for ‘green’ power.  Already at other airport’s around the world such as the German Weeze airport have similar installations to the one that we have planned for our airport, but they are significantly smaller than the Bydgoszcz’s one.

-The main duty of Bydgoszcz Airport is passenger traffic, but this investment will allow us to use the potential of the undeveloped areas that cannot be used in a different way due to the boarder regulations. Of course there is a major significance in the revenue associated with the production of electricity from the sun. – Says Tomasz Moraczewski BZG Airport CEO.

The farm will have a mayor impact on the ecological it will reduce the amount of CO2 emitted in to the atmosphere by 17.255 mil tons per year, which is the equivalent of what 4000 cars produce.     – ‘The planned investment in photovoltaic farm is consistent with the plans of our province for the development of RES. In the regional context will improve energy security by providing a new, stable and 100% organic energy source. In the national context is part of a national energy policy. Please note that Poland has committed itself to the EU, that by 2020 up to 15% of energy produced in the country will come precisely from renewable energy sources ‘- indicates Edward Hartwich, Deputy Speaker of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian.

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