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Discover Israel

Israel, one of the most fascinating countries in the world, will delight you with its culture, history and nature. It is an ideal destination for lovers of reflective pilgrimages, but also for explorers of urban attractions and those interested in nature. You will never forget traveling to Israel. Especially since there is really much to see: from the cradle of three religions - Jerusalem, through picturesquely situated Haifa, to the metropolitan Tel Aviv. The coral reefs of the Red Sea and the unique Dead Sea, as well as the Negev desert and Ein Avdat National Park delight in nature. And these are just examples. There are many more reasons to visit Israel.

Tel Aviv

The economic and financial center of Israel with impressive architecture (the White City, which consists of several thousand modernist Bauhaus-style buildings, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List). The neighborhood of big business with beaches and markets (with the Grand Bazaar Carmel at the forefront), from which the aromatic aroma of Middle Eastern spices rises, makes Tel Aviv an extraordinary mix of orient and metropolis.

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Worth knowing

    • In places of religious worship and in districts inhabited by orthodox Jews, tourists should be dressed modestly (long pants / long skirt, long sleeves, full shoes, men should wear a headgear).
    • Do not photograph people without their permission.
    • During the Sabbath (from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday), offices and many places, including restaurants, are closed. at this time the use of communication is significantly impeded.
    • The currency of Israel is the Israeli new shekel.
    • The most popular and easiest convertible currency in exchange offices in Israel is the US dollar.
    • There are currency exchange offices in Israel. Some of them are closed during the Sabbath.
    • Compared to the time in Poland, the clocks in Israel always show an hour later, so when entering the country, we always move the watches one hour forward (e.g. from 12.00 to 13.00).
    • Due to the geographical location and history, we can find many influences in Israeli cuisine - from Turkish, through Iberian, to Russian.
    • Certainly, we will be able to taste in Israel such dishes as: hummus (aromatic chickpea paste), falafele (fried chickpea balls), tabbouleh (vegetable salad with couscous and parsley) or shakshuka (egg-tomato dish).

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