Warsaw (WAW)


few clouds 28 °C

Flight time: 50min





Bydgoszcz (BZG)


overcast clouds 26 °C

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Date Airline Start Landing Flight number Status
21.07.2024 Warsaw
13:40 (WAW)
14:30 (BZG)
LO 3993 LANDED 02:27 PM

Flights from Bydgoszcz via Warsaw allow you to continue your journey in around 70 European and intercontinental destinations with a short waiting time for change.

  • Amsterdam

    Spend the day in the city of bicycles, canals and magic bridges

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  • sztokholm


    Vasa Ship Museum, visit to the Royal Castle - spend the day in the Swedish capital

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  • Berlin

    Brandenburg Gate, checkpoint Charlie or maybe the Stasi Museum? Now you will visit all these places in one day

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  • bruksela


    A day in the European capital

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  • kopenhaga


    Magic Tivoli Gardens, the iconic Christiania and many other attractions of Copenhagen are waiting for you

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  • Dusseldorf


    Fly to Dusseldorf main airport from Bydgoszcz via Warsaw! Daily!

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  • Cracow

    Rome of the North!

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  • Wroclaw

    It is here that the gnomes found their home

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  • Geneva

    Fly and try the best Fondue in the world, apparently some of the best cheeses are made there!

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  • Hannover

    When going to Hannover visit the Baroque Garden - Herrenhaeuser Garten! Gorgeous!

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  • Paris

    Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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  • Munich

    The capital of one of the largest and most popular festivals in the world - Oktoberfest!

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  • Milan

    The undisputed capital of fashion and design ... This is where tradition meets modernity.

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  • Prague

    It is here that you will walk one of the narrowest streets in the world - Vinárna Čertovka

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  • Venice

    A city of palaces, canals and gondoliers that you just have to explore!

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Welcome to Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)

Warsaw Chopin International Airport (WAW), located approximately 8 km southwest of the city center. It is the largest airport in Poland serving scheduled, charter and cargo flights.

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