London Stansted (STN)


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Bydgoszcz (BZG)


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15.08.2024 London Stansted
07:40 (STN)
09:40 (BZG)

Welcome to London Stansted Airport (STN)

The large international Airport located 48 km northeast of London, serving cheap airlines. It is the fourth largest UK airport, the third largest serving London after Heathrow and Gatwick.

The Terminal is a longitudinal building of glass and is divided into three areas: the check-in zone and the main hall at the front of the building, the departures at the back of the building, and the arrivals area on the left side of the rear right at the entrance.

The Terminal is equipped with currency exchange, Internet access, toilets, showers, chapel and prayer room for other religions. There are over 60 different shops, bars, restaurants and cafés around the airport, as well as airline lounges.

Frequently asked Questions:

    • The route between London Stansted Airport and central London can be overcome by both bus and train. Bus crossings offer more than one carrier
    • The cheapest way to get from London Stansted Airport to central London will be to take the easyBus bus, tickets for the fare well in advance (over a month) we buy from £1.95. On the day of the arrival or one day before we purchase the tickets in a more expensive fare, most often for the price of £9.95-£11.95.
    • National Express buses run whole 24 hours per day in every 20-30 min. From the London Stansted Airport, there are 4 lines to London: A6, A7, A8 and A9. Tickets are best purchased well in advance on the carrier's website. If we book them early, we'll pay you £ 5 for one way ticket.
    • Another airline that connects London Stansted Airport to central London is Terravison
    • Stansted has a large variety of car parks both long, medium and short-term. There are also two passenger reception areas. The express zone is located next to the short-term parking, while the free car park is located in the medium-term parking lot.

About London

the capital of England and Great Britain, the largest city of the kingdom, located in its southeastern part on the Thames. It is the third largest city in Europe, after Moscow and Istanbul; is also the largest city of the European Union and one of the largest cities in the world, both on the scale of the city itself and the whole agglomeration. The city attracts about 30 million tourists a year.

London is one of the world’s largest centers for trading in works of art and remains one of the largest museum centers in Europe. Over 60 museums and permanent galleries attract tourists from around the world.


Public transport

Public transport in London at first glance seems complicated and difficult to understand. It is definitely worth getting acquainted with the method of payment for tickets and various means of communication before arrival, thanks to which we will reduce the level of stress when visiting the capital of England.
Passenger transport inside the agglomeration is smooth thanks to the metro system, which is the oldest in the world, with a total length of 392 km (including 171 km underground), with 268 stations. Annually, it transports around 800 million passengers. Commuting to work is possible by high-speed suburban railway. The banks of the Thames are joined by 28 road and railway bridges and three tunnels under its channel.

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