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26.10.2019 Glasgow-Prestwick
07:20 (PIK)
10:40 (BZG)
FR 7624 LANDED 10:14 AM

Welcome to Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK)

This International Airport is located in Prestwick – 46 km from the centre of Glasgow, operating low-cost airlines. It is one of the largest Scottish airports.

The terminal is equipped with two currency exchange offices, toilets, children’s play corner, free 2-hour internet access, prayer room and viewpoint. There are several restaurants, bars and cafés in the terminal area. Special points outside the terminal are designated for smoking.

Frequently asked Questions:

    • The route between Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Glasgow city centre can be overcome by both bus and train.
    • Bus rides are offered by the Stagecoach Western, which runs between the airline and the Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station from 06:25-22:40 to 23.
    • In the early morning or late evening, you can take advantage of the special X99 connection – like the Stagecoach Western, the X99 bus runs between Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station. One-way Ticket costs £14.
    • Glasgow Prestwick is the only airport in Scotland with its own railway station. The city centre of Glasgow is reachable by train. 45 minutes and passengers receive 50 discount on ticket from and to the airport. The train runs twice per hour.
    • Glasgow Prestwick has an extensive parking system, offering seats in long, medium and short-term zones. The Express Zone is located directly at the terminal. Parking spaces can be reserved online.

About Glasgow

The largest city of Scotland and the third largest city in the UK. Due to a favorable geographical location – the proximity of the river Clyde, Glasgow historically was one of the most important commercial and industrial centers in the British Isles. At the same time, thanks to numerous cultural and scientific initiatives, Glasgow became the centre of art and tourism. In 1990, Glasgow was called European Capital of Culture, and in 2008 Lonely Planet placed it on the list of 10 cities of the world worth visiting.

Glasgow's biggest attractions include:

    • the oldest museum of Scotland, opened in 1901;
    • one of the most frequently visited museums in the British Isles;
    • consists of 22 galleries, where visitors can watch permanent and temporary exhibitions;
    • Museum of Transport, referring to the commercial history of the city;
    • its exposition counts more than three thousand objects and 90 interactive panels;
    • visitors may see trains, buses, cars, but also exhibits related to the shipbuilding industry;
    • one of the four preserved buildings of the Middle Ages in Scotland;
    • built in 1471;
    • it features original 17th century furniture and other items of equipment;
    • one of the richest, in terms of collections, libraries in Europe;
    • five-storey interior in a beautiful building;
    • place of cultural events and meetings, exhibitions and workshops;
    • a vast botanic garden, which dates back to 1817;
    • within its borders there are several greenhouses, with the most well-known - Kibble Palace with an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters
    • a place where visitors will see, among others orchids, various species of tropical and herbaceous plants and other unique flora specimens;
    • second after the University St Andrews oldest university in Scotland; founded in 1451;
    • the current headquarters was established in the 19th century and is maintained in a neo-Gothic style;
    • the main college campus - Gilmorehill Campus - is one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in Glasgow;

About Scotland

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