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Burgas (BOJ)


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30.07.2024 Bydgoszcz
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10:25 (BOJ)

Explore Bulgaria

Located in the middle of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a geographically diverse country. The endless Danubian Lowlands, located in the south, beautiful highlands and mountains and the main attraction of the country - the clean and beautiful Black Sea coast, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Bulgaria is high (the highest in the Balkans) mountains, clean, sandy beaches, captivating valleys and gorges of rare beauty rivers, also monuments from a very distant and recent past, and finally modern tourist facilities.
A centuries-old, exciting history, warm sea with a reliable sun and lots of tasty and inexpensive fruits and vegetables, very good wine, strong, sweet coffee and cordiality of the inhabitants of this land!

If you are looking for an idea for an unforgettable holiday with the outlet straight from Bydgoszcz Airport - Bulgaria is the perfect choice.


The city is located in the southeastern region of Bulgaria, right on the Black Sea. This region tempts with beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches and a warm blue sea. For those who prefer fresh water, Burgas offers located in the immediate vicinity of 3 lakes with extremely lush flora and fauna.

Welcome to Bulgaria!

Departures from Bydgoszcz Airport to Burgas take place on Tuesdays and Fridays

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Good to know

    • Burgas is located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. It has about 300,000 inhabitants, who live in sixteen districts. The seaport of Burgas is the largest in the country.
    • Burgas offers visitors a lot of high-end restaurants almost to every budget. There are restaurants with both traditional and international cuisine (dishes from Turkey, China, Greece, Italy and Russia, and many more). You can also opt for one of the restaurants because of its interesting location, such as a dinner in the city center or in such a famous place as the Seaside Park in Burgas offering magnificent views of the sea.
    • Both the city center and the elegant Seaside Park offer numerous bars and cafes, where with a delicious drink, you can relax after sightseeing. Some of them play live music. There are also many places to choose from for those who like peace and quiet.
    • For lovers of slightly more entertaining and loud events, Burgas offers a few fantastic night clubs - perfect for night owls. From time to time, live concerts are held at the Seaside Park, where you can listen to all types of music, from classical to rock music.
    • In the Burgas region there is a very popular Sunny Beach resort, which is only a 30-minute drive away from the city center. However, off-season Sunny Beach is not too much of a tourist attraction. Near the resort is the beautiful medieval town of Nessebar, a former fishing village with many archaeological attractions, pleasant fish restaurants, numerous churches and a charming harbor. Nessebar is a very popular place - a pearl on the Black Sea - all year round, for both Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Burgas is surrounded by picturesque lagoon lakes - Atanasowskie, Burgaski and Mandrenskie.
    • In relation to the time valid in Poland, clocks in Bulgaria always indicate an hour later, so entering this country, we always move the watches one hour ahead (eg from 13.00 to 14.00).
    • In larger cities there are many places where you can exchange currency, and you should not have trouble finding one that offers a good course. Unfavorable rates offer exchange points in large hotels. Absolutely, do not exchange money on the street. If we are going to a small town, we will need to get more levs - you should avoid paying in the western currency.

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