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On Sunday we inaugurated air connection Bydgoszcz- Krakow. You can fly fly to the main city of Malopolska  three times a week - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The flight takes just 1.5 hours, and it is attractive alternative for 7 hours of car travel, or 8 hours of train travel.

Saab aircraft with 33 seats on the board provide a convenient and fast transport. Guaranteed ticket price is 99zł/24Euro (includes all fees). You can book your flight on site:

Detailed schedule of flights:


SRN701 BZG 7:30 - KRK 8:55

SRN702 KRK 17:30 - BZG 18:50


SRN701 BZG 7:30  - KRK 8:55   

SRN702 KRK 17:30 - BZG 18:50


SRN704 BZG 16:00 - KRK 17:25

SRN705 KRK 18:10 - BZG 19:30

We invite you to see pictures of the inaugural flight!

Inauguracyjny lot SprintAir na trasie Bydgoszcz- Kraków

Posted by BZG - Port Lotniczy Bydgoszcz on 28 czerwca 2015