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Leaving the airplane. Passengers must remain seated with their seatbelt fastened until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the seatbelt sign has been turned off. Leaving the plane, proceed to the bus which will take you to the terminal building. more>

halaArrivals hall. The arrivals hall is the place the passengers proceed to once they have left the plane. The passenger with registered baggage waits to reclaim their baggage, while the passenger with the hand-luggage, having passed through the check-in, may leave the arrivals hall to proceed to the main terminal hall. more>

odprawaCustoms clearance. The passenger may proceed to the exit marked in ‘green’ with the message ‘NOTHING TO DECLARE’, provided the passenger does not bring in any goods exceeding the passenger customs allowances. Before leaving the Arrivals Hall, all the goods exceeding the customs allowances must be declared at the ‘GOODS TO DECLARE’ desk marked in red. more>

odbiorBaggage reclaim. The baggage is provided with the baggage carousel shortly after landing. Having passed through the check-in, please look for your flight baggage reclaim area (see respective information on the screens). When your baggage comes close, pick it up from the carousel, make sure it is yours and proceed to the airport exit. As for the baby carriers of all types or child safety   seats, please reclaim them at the aircraft. more>

zagubionyLost baggage.  If you cannot find your baggage in the arrivals hall, please proceed to the Lost&Found desk, located in the Main Hall (at the Information Desk) to file a lost baggage claim. The passenger shall describe the baggage in detail using the IATA Table Codes, providing the personal details and producing the boarding pass with the baggage tag receipt. more>

wynajemRental Car. In the main hall of the terminal there are a few car hirepositions more>

kantorA currency exchange desk. The passengers arriving in Bydgoszcz can exchange foreign currencies in the Airport terminal building at the currency exchange desks on the ground floor and the first floor. more>


Leaving the terminal . The passengers landing in Bydgoszcz, wishing to leave the airport, must leave the terminal building. Going out of the arrivals hall you will find two terminal exits. more>

parkingCar park. The airport in Bydgoszcz offers a car park for the passengers available for 258 cars. While approaching the airport, please turn right, then left and stop before the gate. Using the parking machine, please press the button and wait for the ticket to be printed. Note: The entry ticket must be used to pay for the parking space; please keep it - just take it with you when you leave your car. more>


How to get to the city centre.To get to the city centre, the passenger, having left the arrivals hall, can use one of the two options:Bus, line 80; the bus stop is found on the left, round the corner while leaving the terminal. The line 80 bus operates every day between the Railway Stationand the Airport and back. The bus route and timetable. more> 


oregionieAbout the region. A dynamic and expanding city with good transport links to other regional centres. A population of over 350,000 with over 45,000 students is supported by progressive services and industry more>