Airport handling equipment A A A

Technologically advanced equipment to ensure safety    

Handling equipment:
sprzet handlingowy

  • ASU GS 250 aircraft air start unit
  • diesel/electric Guinault GPU
  • luggage trolleys
  • passenger boarding stairs
  • the Vestergaard range of Elephant® deicers
  • mobile conveyor belt loaders
  • battery-driven airport towing trucks
  • Vestergaard lavatory wast truck
  • Vestergaard water service truck
  • Kocoverk aircraft heater

Rescue equipment:

  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (LSRG) armoured vehicles: Eagle, Avanger, Rosenbauer                                                                                                                    

Operating equipment:

  • Overaasen RS 400 sweepers
  • Boschung rotary snowplow
  • SAAB 9000 Friction Tester(SFT)
  • Solaris Urbino 12, Urbino 15 buses
  • water-spray and gritter