Lost Baggage A A A

Lost Baggage. If you cannot find your baggage in the arrivals hall, please proceed to the Lost&Found desk, located in the Main Hall (at the Information Desk) to file a lost baggage claim. The passenger shall describe the baggage in detail using the IATA Table Codes, providing the personal details and producing the boarding pass with the baggage tag receipt.


Passenger Services Agent (Ground Service agent) enters the data acquired into the WorldTracer Baggage Tracing System (to trace your baggage, the active baggage tracing system requires up to 35 days) or fills in the data by hand using the right form. Having filed the lost baggage claim, the passenger receives the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with the claim number and the website address www.worldtracer.aero/filedsp/fr.htm (for Ryanair) to get information on the lost item.

If the passenger has used the Lufthansa or Ryanair airlines, as soon as the baggage is found and reaches the airport, the agent calls the owner to make an appointment for the baggage to be delivered to the address provided in the claim file. The charter flight passengers must collect their lost & found baggage from the Airport.