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Customs clearance

The passengers who bring in foreign currencies and/or local currency at the amount exceeding the equivalent of 10 000, and bring the goods allocated to business activity or the goods of commercial nature, as well as the goods provided for in export regulations, e.g. the items manufactured before 1945, must contact the Customs Services, found on the terminal entresol. Detailed information on the procedures and allowances for individual countries is available from the Customs Services in Bydgoszcz.

 Customs Services in Bydgoszcz/Urząd Celny w Bydgoszczy
ul. Deszczowa 65
+48 52 347 78 45 or +48 52 320 58 00


After arrival

The passenger may proceed to the exit marked in green with the message ‘NOTHING TO DECLARE’, provided the passenger does not bring in any goods exceeding the passenger customs allowances.

Before leaving the Arrivals Hall, all the goods exceeding the customs allowances must be declared at the ‘GOODS TO DECLARE’ desk marked in red.

A written declaration is required for bringing in foreign currencies and local currency exceeding the equivalent of a total of € 10 000 from abroad. In red corridors ‘GOODS TO DECLARE’ you will find the desks where the foreign currencies and local currency are declared.

Bringing in intoxicating substances, objectionable items offending against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults, against environmental protection, and being hazardous to people, animals and plants as well as posing a threat to the public safety and public order is forbidden!

Any violation of customs or foreign currency regulations may result in penal and fiscal liability.

The above information is general. The legal provisions are provided for in normative acts published in the Journal of Laws (Dziennik Ustaw) and the Official Journals of the Republic of Poland (Monitor Polski) and each passenger crossing the border of the Republic of Poland must get familiar therewith.



Duty-free allowances, goods exempted from customs duties

Type of goods

Non-EU goods

EU goods


200 pieces

800 pieces

Cigarillos (cigars the weight of which does not exceed 3 g/piece)    

100 pieces

400 pieces


50 pieces

200 pieces

Smoking tobacco

250 g.

1 kg

Spirit and alcoholic beverages

1 litre

10 litres

Non-sparkling wine

2 litres

90 litres, including 60 litres of sparkling wine


No limits

110 litres

Alcohol derivative products

No limits

20 litres

Perfume/ eau de cologne

50 g / 250 ml

No limits


Up to the value

 of € 175

No limits


For personal use

No limits

The passengers are entitled to exemptions from customs duties for the above goods compliant with the customs allowances once a month only.



For further information, please visit the Customs Services: