Environment protection A A A

Bydgoszcz Airport SA (Port Lotniczy Bydgoszcz S. A.) as the entity aware of its impact on the environment, gives the utmost
of attention and care to the environment, meeting all the applicable environmental protection standards, compliant with the administrative decisions awarded. 
We acknowledge our responsibility for the environment, so consciously and openly talk about our environmental policy, objectives already achieved and areas for improvement.

1. The air
Gradually, the airport has been replacing its handling vehicles into high-tech vehicles meeting the top exhaust gas emissions requirements. 
The Passenger Terminal hot water and central heating demand is met by the light heating oil boiler room. Parameters  of the present boiler qualified it for the emissions notification. Both sources: organized (the boiler room) and non-organized (service vehicle traffic at the airport) generate the emission
of gases and dust into the air.

2. Water and wastewater management
At the airport operates the drainage channels system discharging rainwater from the airport surfaces to two open ditches directing the airport surface wastewater to the outlet and then combining into a single open channel to the receiver. Terms of rainwater and wastewater entering into the environment regulates the water management act awarded to the Bydgoszcz Airport, issued by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Provincial Governor.

3. Waste
The Airport in Bydgoszcz, operates its waste management system compliant with the administrative decision issued by the Marshal of the Kujawsko
-Pomorskie Province approving the ‘Hazardous waste management program’ and filed the ‘Information of the waste generated and the non-hazardous waste management methods’ as well.

We strive to:
• use environmentally friendly products useful for recyclable processing;
• use fuels characterized by low impact on the environment;
• limit the amount of waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions;
• make waste segregation;
• hazardous waste we provide into a qualified and authorized entities.

4. Environmental fees
Twice a year, Bydgoszcz Airport SA, in accordance with the Act of 27 April 2001 Environmental Protection Law (Journal of Laws of 2008 No. 25, item. 150, as amended.) seeks fees for use of the environment to the Office of the Marshal of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province.Fees apply for emission of gas and dust into the air and for the wastewater discharge.