Check-in A A A

 Before your travel, please pack your luggage in a way to avoid any security check problems. 

Before leaving home, please make sure you have taken with you all the documents needed to travel:

  • a valid ID or passport,
  • boarding-pass print-out (check-in online for the RYANAIR airline is required; just click the link 14 to 4 hours before your scheduled flight departure time.

Once you arrive at the airport, please come to the check-in desk to leave your registered luggage and to print your boarding pass (for which you must pay) if you do not have it.
The check-in for ‘Ryanair’ flights starts 2 hours before the scheduled arrival time of the aircraft and ends 40 minutes before the scheduled aircraft departure time. After that time the luggage is not accepted and the passenger can only fly with the hand luggage.

As for LOT airlines domestic flights, the check-in starts 60 min before the aircraft arrival and ends 30 min before the scheduled flight departure time. After that time the carrier reserves to right to refuse to allow the passenger onboard.

Registered luggage

The registered luggage is the one you hand over to be transported by the aircraft. The number of the registered luggage pieces and the luggage weight and size are limited by the airline you will travel with. Before you start your travel, we suggest that you should get information from the air carrier on the number of pieces, size and the weight of the luggage you are allowed to take with you. You can get the information by contacting the helpline or visiting the website of the carrier. At the moment the Bydgoszcz Airport is served by two scheduled-services operators: LOT Polish Airlines and Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline ( ).

Using the link below you can access a list of items forbidden to be transported in the hand luggage or registered luggage.


Hand luggage

The hand luggage is a piece of luggage you can take onboard with you. Before you start your travel, we suggest that you acquire information from your carrier on the number, size and the weight of your hand luggage you will be allowed to take onboard. You can get the information by contacting the helpline or visiting the website of the carrier. We recommend that you should transport electronic devices and valuables in the hand luggage.

Oversized/atypical luggage
If you wish to transport a piece of luggage which is oversized or atypical, such as sports equipment, music equipment, fragile materials etc., please inform the airline already while making your booking to get the information on the transport conditions and the additional charge the carrier can ask from you.