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znin1Żnin is situated in the south-western part of the kujawsko-pomorskie province, between Bydgoszcz and Gniezno. The town has almost 15 thousand inhabitants. Żnin is an economic and cultural centre of the southern part of the region. It has rich traditions and history which dates back to the beginnings of the Polish state, Żnin has had town privileges since 1263. The town is widely recognised as the capital of a beautiful region called Pałuki.

The region’s landscape is famous for many lakes picturesquely located among numerous hills and woods. The attraction of Żnin for investment and tourism are a very good location on the national road no. 5, the proximity to receptive markets, the industrial zone in the northern part of the town (58 hectares of developed areas for greenfield investments), cultural, natural and landscape qualities of the region, the famous narrow gauge railway running on the route Żnin-Wenecja-Biskupin-Gąsawa, the nearby Archaeological Museum in Biskupin and the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Wenecja.