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krusz1Kruszwica, known as the legendary capital of Poland is located in the kujawsko-pomorskie province, in the west part of Kuyavia, in Inowrocław County. It is a charming small town and an important tourist centre of the region.

The District of Kruszwica boasts numerous historic monuments. The most precious and the unofficial symbol of the town, is the brick Gothic tower known as the Mice Tower, standing on Castle Hill at the head of the Rzępowski peninsula.
On the east shore of Lake Gopło rises the collegiate church of St Peter and Paul – one of the best preserved examples of Romanesque architecture in Poland.
Lake Gopło, one of the best known Polish natural water bodies is the largest lake in the Wielkopolsko – Kajawski Lake District, and the ninth biggest lake in Poland.
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Let all travellers along the Piast Route or the Romanesque Route stop by the legendary Mice Tower and learn about our history and ancestors – it is a sure way to fall under the spell of the legendary capital of Poland.
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