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chelmzChełmża is an important tourist centre of the Toruń county. In 2001 Chełmża celebrated the 750th anniversary of receiving civic rights. It was a great opportunity to remind the town of its history, about its culture, sport and tourism, plus promote its developmental potential.It is the former capital of the Chełmno diocese (1243-1824) documented as early as 1222 with the name ‘Łoza’. City rights were granted in 1251 and, until the beginning of the 19th c., it was known primarily as a bishop’s town.
chekmz2Toruń county Chełmża became the third biggest town of the former Chełmno land. The medieval urban development with the Neo-Gothic town hall in the centre has been retained to today. At the turn of the 20th century transport and local industry developed. With this introduction we invite tourist to visit and investors to put their economic hopes and plans in Chełmża. Visit Chełmża to experience it all yourself.