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There is no city in northern Poland that could rival Toruń - the city that has been registered on the UNESCO International Heritage List. The beauty of old gothic tenement houses, narrow and cobbled streets as well as the steeples of mediaeval churches dazzles everyone who visits the city for the first time. The special magic of Toruń can be experienced every evening. The night panorama of the old town (looking from the side of the Vistula River) is so charming that it has been named as the Seventh Miracle of Poland.

Having seven colleges, Toruń is highly esteemed an academic center. The most respected one is the Nicolaus Copernicus University - the home of countless world famous scholars.

There are more than thousand and a half cultural events taking place in the city of Copernicus. For example, the Art and Science Festive, „Probaltica” - Art and Music of Baltic States Festive and „Contact” - International Theatre Festive. Toruń is one of the candidates to the title of the European Culture Capital in 2016.

Toruń is visited by 1,6 million tourists every year. Especially for them high quality hotels, cozy cafes and restaurants with cuisine masterpieces are being opened.

Talking of this great city, one shouldn’t forget the famous Toruń gingerbreads. They have been cooked here since the 14th century.

Toruń City Hall

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