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  • Terminal Development 27.11.2015

    Development of the Airport in Bydgoszcz  terminal, will enlarge the departures area of almost 1,000 square meters. The new space will be used by the duty-free shops, restaurant, and a playground for children. All these changes will provide greater comfort for passengers awaiting for departure. The contract for the implementation of the investment was signed with the Bydgoszcz company PW Lech Sp. zoo.

    In total, there passengers will be delivered almost 1,000 square meters of new space. The task is divided into several stages. Completion of the reconstruction is scheduled prior to start of the summer season from BZG.

    The first stage envisages the expansion of the departures area of the terminal towards the apron. Area available for passengers awaiting departure will be increased by an additional 250 square meters. Modernization will include air conditioning, lighting and localized extra toilets and a room for mothers with children.

    As a result of the second stage of investment, an additional area of 720 square meters will be added to departure area. Departing passengers will have access to newspapers kiosk, gastronomy, shops duty-free area, tourists will be able to buy local souvenirs. On the first floor there will also be a comfortable restaurant with a panoramic view of the airfield, and specially designed "air playground" for children waiting with their parents for the trip. Passengers choosing business class travel, including Lufthansa will be able to use modern VIP lounge.
  • New flights: Krakow! 29.06.2015

      // On Sunday we inaugurated air connection Bydgoszcz- Krakow. You can fly fly to the main city of Malopolska  three times a week - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The flight takes just 1.5 hours, and it is attractive alternative for 7 hours of car travel, or 8 hours of train travel. Saab aircraft with 33 seats on the board provide a convenient and fast transport. Guaranteed ticket price is 99zł/24Euro (includes all fees). You can book your flight on site: www.sprintair.eu. Detailed schedule of flights: Wednesday SRN701 BZG 7:30 - KRK 8:55 SRN702 KRK 17:30 - BZG 18:50 Friday SRN701 BZG 7:30  - KRK 8:55    SRN702 KRK 17:30 - BZG 18:50 Sunday SRN704 BZG 16:00 - KRK 17:25 SRN705 KRK 18:10 - BZG 19:30

    We invite you to see pictures of the inaugural flight!

    Inauguracyjny lot SprintAir na trasie Bydgoszcz- Kraków Posted by BZG - Port Lotniczy Bydgoszcz on 28 czerwca 2015
  • Bus from Toruń to the Airport 02.04.2015

    [start]Since 29 March 2015 passengers from Toruń will be able to get to the airport with a special bus service. It has been created for the passengers of Lufthansa's new route Bydgoszcz - Frankfurt to provide convenient and quick access directly to the airpoort. It is the first initiative of this kind in the region and it is an attractive alternative to car or taxi.[stop] The bus will start the route from Rubinkowo II - Bydgoszcz Airport every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, the days in which Lufthansa flights take place. The bus will leave promptly at 11.20am from Rubinkowo II and stop at:
    -Rubinkowo Center 11.23,
    -Świętopełka 11.30,
    -Odrodzenia 11.34,
    -Kraszewskiego 11.36, 
    -Reja 11.40.
    -Arrival at the airport is planned at 12.35. At Bydgoszcz Airport bus will wait for the arrival of the plane from Frankfurt and departure from the airport at 13:10, on Sundays at 12.55. In the case of delay of the arrival of aircraft, bus will wait for passengers up to four hours. Bus ride for Lufthansa passangers with boarding pass valid on the day of travel from Bydgoszcz to Frankfurt or Frankfurt to Bydgoszcz will be free of charge. For accompanying persons round-trip ticket will cost 14 zł normal and 7 zł reduced, in one way - 8 zł normal and 4 zł reduced.
  • Lufthansa in Bydgoszcz 29.03.2015

    The route to Frankfurt will be operated four times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

    Today on 12:25 (scheduled) on our runway will land Embraer E90 in Lufthansa livery. Plane will depart from Frankfurt on 10:55 and the trip will take 1,5 hours. The same machine will take journey back to the German hub at 13:30. Frankfurt Airport is one of the most important airports in the world and the largest of five Lufthansa hub airports.   Monday:
    • FRA-BZG 10: 55-12: 25
    • BZG-FRA 13: 30-15: 00
    • FRA-BZG 10: 55-12: 25
    • BZG-FRA 13: 25-14: 55

    • FRA-BZG 10: 55-12: 25
    • BZG-FRA 13: 30-15: 00
    • FRA-BZG 10: 40-12: 10
    • BZG-FRA 13: 25-14: 55

    Tickets avilable on LH.com website. For further media information, please contact: Burson-Marsteller Solski
    Senior Associate
    Anna Wlodarczyk
    Tel. +48 602 106 264

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